DIPROGES consists of professionals with extensive international experience in the field of engineering design, equipment supply and
implementation of projects in the realms of production, processing and food distribution, industrial equipment and construction.

Born of the fabric of companies that made possible thedevelopment model of the southeastern Spanish, DIPROGES is an integral part of this economic model
that transformed the region into an example of sustainable economic development.

Objectives and Philosophy:

DIPROGES born with the aim of applying models of resource management and services companies in the southeastern Spanishin the performance,
direction and management of projects and supplies, liaisingbetween the products and services offered by these companiesand their customers
international, with the aim of providing more efficient service to benefit their associated suppliers and their customers.

Its activity is based on a simple structure and highly professional, focused on ensuring:

The most satisfactory results for their clients.

Costs adjusted.

Respond quickly and flexibly to market demands.

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